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First Florida Capital serves as a consultant to business enterprises considering strategic options for their future.  We bring a wealth of knowledge to companies that are first rate operators but need help considering strategic choices.  Our principals have a deep bench of expertise spanning a half century with the largest and best businesses in the United States.

When a business is considering its strategic options, we can help them navigate various opportunities.  If an initial public offering is appropriate, we can help such businesses select an appropriate underwriter, if a sale makes sense, we can help such businesses understand the options in private equity markets and strategic transaction options, if a new bank financing makes sense, we can advise on debt sources.  We do not place securities as a broker or underwriter.  We will help select the people to do that.  Brokerage firms are always available for this “commodity” work.  We do the hard part.  We figure out what to do.

The principals of First Florida Capital have spent a lifetime working with capital sources and investors in New York City and around the world.  We have a reputation for integrity and honesty with those sources.  We meet with those sources and thus have a basis for giving advice.  In addition to our corporate clients we have worked with four multi-billion dollar private equity firms on an intense and proprietary basis for over two decades, and this keeps us in the know on private equity sources and activity.

We bring on the highest quality people into our firm and affiliated partner group, and we aim to provide the highest quality services to a limited number of clients per year.  We typically turn down substantially more client assignments than we work on because we dedicate ourselves totally to the clients we serve.

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First Florida Capital Corporation is a Florida licensed real estate broker